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Raw Dog Food

Are you interested in giving your dog a more natural diet? We are experts in dog nutrition. That's why we only select the best raw dog food to help give your dog a healthy balanced diet that is rich in nutrients and free of harmful additives and processed products. There are many raw dog food recipes available that can provide an assortment of meals for every type of breed. A raw dog food diet can help keep your dog free of things that its body doesn't need, and avoid things that its allergic to. That means your dog will be healthier, exhibit fewer behavioral issues, and live longer.

A raw dog food diet can help your dog control its weight by weeding out unnecessary things that contribute to weight gain like fat and useless fillers that are hard for your dog to digest. When it comes to determining how much food your dog will need with a raw dog food diet, there are a couple of different approaches you can take. One way is to follow the 2 -3% rule, whereby you allocate a portion of raw dog food to your dog, based on 2-3% of its most ideal body weight.

Alternatively, you can opt to figure out how much raw dog food is needed for your pet by calculating calories. Things like breed, age, body weight, and daily exercise regimen are all taken into account in this method and while it can be a bit more work upfront to determine your dog's nutritional needs, it can have many added benefits to your best fur bud.  

Raw dog food doesn't have to be complicated, and your dog's palate may just help you out a bit. You can get an idea of what your dog likes to consume by slowly introducing new things into their diet. Try a variety of different animal sources to see where your dog stands on this. As with most things dog-related, it's best to start them on a raw dog food diet while they are young. A good diet can contribute to a long, healthy life