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Milford Michigan

Incredipets is a family-owned pet supply store serving Milford, MI and the surrounding area with top of the line Non-GMO raw dog food, vitamins, and grooming services. If your dog could talk, they would tell you to buy their Non-GMO raw dog food and vitamins from our store because we are dedicated to only providing the best natural foods for your dog. Incredipets only carries Non-GMO raw dog food and vitamin products that are well researched, offer top of the line ingredients, and pass the approval process of our very own on-site certified nutritional expert.

Feeding Non-GMO dog food to your pet offers a superior way to give your dog a protein-rich, well-balanced meal that is loaded with ingredients that will help keep them looking and feeling their best. Since we are a smaller company, we are able to give more attention to the details of ingredients that best compliment the needs of your pet no matter what the age, size, or breed. Our store is conveniently located in Milford to provide you with expert consultation and friendly customer service for both you, and your furry family member. If you are searching for a complete and balanced natural dog food, whether in a dry food or wet can, you can rest assured knowing that all of our natural raw dog food products are free of things that are modified to add extra texture, color, or flavors, which could possibly be harmful to your dog.

We are helping Milford residents be better pet parents, by making products available in our store that have been thoroughly researched before they arrive. We are picky about what we have on our shelves and there are a lot of things that we consider before we decide to carry a natural dog food product. At Incredipets, our staff is passionate about nutrition for your pet because we know you want them to look and feel their best and we do too. That’s why Incredipets does not carry natural raw dog food products that have tricky phrasing on the package that is designed to hide the engineering of what was done to your dog’s food. So you can feel confident knowing that what you are feeding your dog is fresh, organic, and will help them to have that wiggly wagging tail whenever it is mealtime.